Welcome to the Pro Shop here at Idle Hours North.  This is the place to go for all things equipment! We’re talking shoes, drilling, bags, and of course all things bowling balls.  Allow us to introduce you to Ron.  Ron has been in the bowling industry for 40+ years and it shows in all his craftsmanship! The personalization he puts behind everything he does, is second to none. Ron is always honest, and tries to recommend the equipment that is right for you!  It’s all about the bowler, not the sale.  It should always be based on the bowler’s game, real expectations, goals and abilities.  He always watches a person bowl before recommending equipment. 

Where has he gotten all his knowledge of all things bowling?? Don’t worry, we would never let you get your equipment from just anyone! We made sure that our Pro Shop is equipped with the best person for the job! During Ron’s 40+ year stint in the industry, he was certified to run a Pro Shop through IBPSIA (International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors Association) by attending many workshops and conventions. He also has experience coaching bowlers, and has, at the very least, played a part in guiding a few local youth bowlers who have excelled in the sport.  A couple have even moved on to collegiate competition. For many years, Ron coached adult classes that focus on specific mechanics or goals. Whether the intent was to focus on converting spares, hitting the pocket, consistency, accuracy, the right approach or perfecting your swing, Ron was always 100 percent committed and determined to help bowlers improve their game. 

Before any of this training that he’s had, he was also very active in the sport himself. During his time bowing, he’s had his fair share of honors scores; with all of this said, he’s still just the same humble person that we’ve all come to know and love over the years. With all this knowledge and passion, why would you not want to meet Ron?! Come on down, give him a call, or even shoot him an email at rsalvatore@idlehoursentertainment.com and get your opportunity to work with our Specialist and his state of the art equipment. It’ll be the most genuine handshake and conversation you’ll ever have!

With many styles in house and on hand, Ron is able to steer you in the correct direction for shoes, bags and bowling balls.

We’ve also got a plethora of Bowling accessories!

Ron is proudly working with JoPo Grips, a company with a new interchangeable thumb insert. This insert uses patented technology, creating a durable bowling grip that will enhance your bowling experience.

Benefits of the JoPo Grips Twist

  • The thread-like feature absorbs the load of the weight and the velocity of the bowling ball delivery; i.e. visualize pulling a nut straight off a bolt without unscrewing it.

  • The Twist cannot be removed from the bowling ball without the inner being rotated 360º